Custom Design by Parris Jewelers

Custom Design & In-House Manufacturing 

We work with you to customize every detail of your special customized jewelry. The typical process includes:

  • An intial consultation to determine an overall idea of your design idea.
  • Deciding on the exact type of item that you want to design. We can typically create any type of jewelry. Rings and pendants are the most common, but we have done a wide variety of items including money clips, cuff links, and custom brooches. There is no limit to what we can design. We sketch out the initial design with the customer to make sure that we are heading in the correct direction.
  • Choose the material (We can use any type of metal including 14K and 18K gold, silver, and platinum).
  • 3D Rendering via Computer Aided-Design (CAD) – We have always used the most modern equipment and employed the latest techniques. Computer aided design has replaced your simple sketch for jewelry design. CAD has defined the new standard by giving you a fully rendered 3-dimensional color view of your custom design. We use the most advanced CAD system on the market and we can show you, in 3D, exactly what your custom jewelry will look like.


  • Steps in Production:
    • Wax mold – We create a wax mold of the item from the 3D rendering for the customer to approve before production.
    • “Invest” the mold – basically creating mold with a plaster-of-paris type material
    • “Debubblize” the mold – we put the mold in a vacuum to extract any bubbles
    • “Burn-out” the mold – heat the mold at high temperatures for a long period of time to remove any wax and wax residue
    • Cast the item – we melt gold in a crucible and pour it in the mold
    • Break away the mold – once solidified we break away the mold revealing a ‘rough casting’
    • Clean, polish, and insert stones



Custom Design with Outside Manufacturing

This is the most common type of design done in most jewelry stores today. It is typically a much faster procees when compared with designing and manufacturing in house. The typical process includes: 

  • Initial consultation to determine the overall design concept desired. 

  • Our designer will work with the customer to design and approve the piece using our Counter Sketch jewelry design program. The designer will make any adjustments wanted by the customer, as well as adjustments needed to ensure the beauty, durability and wearability of the piece of jewelry. 

  • The 3D image is sent electronically to a reputable jewelry manufacturer. The piece will be made & sent back to us in a raw casting, usually in about 12 working days, depending on the complexity of the design. 

  • We will finish out by polishing the metal & setting the stones in the design of your dreams.